Who uses GlobalWebPay

Typical users are:

1. People working abroad and sending money back home for:
Send money back home for:

  • Family support & gifts
  • Paying Bills
  • Investment/Savings

2. Students (or parents of students) studying abroad
  • Send money to overseas students who have local bank accounts
  • Pay grants such as Erasmus, rentals or parental support
  • Transfer money from a UK account to a local overseas account
  • We cover the major student destinations

3. Overseas property owners
We cater for the 250,000 UK owners of property in France & Spain as well as other popular markets such as Italy, Portugal and Eastern Europe

  • Pay bill such as utilities, maintenance. Local taxes, legal costs etc.
  • Transfer money from your UK bank account to your overseas account with ease
  • You may be able to avoid the need for a local bank account
  • Pay direct to bank accounts and fund with your UK bank account or debit card
  • We offer attractive Foreign Exchange rates for smaller amounts

4. People sending gifts or paying for goods or services overseas
If you wish to send money for a birthday or religious festival or pay for goods bought from an overseas supplier.

  • Residents with bank accounts can send money to overseas family for holidays, birthdays and other events
  • Pay for private overseas transactions, such as payment for a goods sold by overseas sellers on eBay
  • It is much easier to use than Postal Orders, e-Wallets, Credit cards etc.
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